Green Tea Weight Loss

Green Tea BenefitsWeight loss is an important goal for many, as more and more people learn they are over weight and causing themselves harm. One natural and effective way to do this is through green tea, which has been used for weight loss in different ways. [highlight bg=”#f3f422″ color=”#000000″]There are natural weight loss pills & teas containing green tea that are designed for weight loss purposes[/highlight]. Before you begin, you need to understand the concept of weight loss and of course you need to understand what green tea really is.

Introduction to weight loss

Ok, a simple way to think about weight loss is that it occurs when you burn more calories than what your body takes in through food. This is your metabolism and great weight loss can be achieved by helping it speed up. Many people try to diet and end-up starving themselves which is really a short term solution. For one, the body’s metabolism will hit a so-called weight loss plateau where it stops burning as much calories as before.

Since your body adapted to fewer calories, you can also expect a sluggish metabolism. [quote style=”1″]Now there are a few ways in which you could increase your metabolism; eating smaller portions, more often and doing exercises are two great ways to start. The third would be using a green tea product to help burn stored fats in the body.[/quote]

[highlight bg=”#ffea99″ color=”#000000″]Green Tea Benefits[/highlight]

[note color=”#f58797″]What exactly is the benefit of green tea?

Known all over the fitness community, this weight loss product is among the most sought after drink these days. In fact, it carries a great number of benefits. One, you are avoiding the different types of cardiovascular conditions. You have to understand that LDL or bad cholesterol builds up when you don’t have a good metabolic rate. It gets stuck into your body and you don’t have an idea that you are already at risk for different cardiovascular conditions.

The second thing that you have to look into as a benefit of green tea is your joint’s health. If you are losing weight, your whole musculoskeletal system benefits from this. Your joints are no longer stressed and you could move about faster. And lastly, in terms of looks, let’s have to admit that you want to have that 20 year old body. You could easily regain your confidence as you drop the excess weight.[/note]

 [highlight bg=”#ffea99″ color=”#000000″]Types  of Green Tea Products[/highlight]

[note color=”#8fd895″]Green tea can burn excess calories by increasing your metabolic rate.

The catch is, it has to reach your small intestines and be absorbed by the body in order to have maximum efficacy. There are tablets and capsules that make use of green tea for weight loss. Weight loss supplements prepared as capsules may or may not be absorbed by the body.If the capsules are enteric coated, this protects the green tea extract from being burned in your stomach. The acidity in your stomach will only take away the covering of the capsule in order to have it absorbed by the body.

If you think that the drinks are cheap? This is actually not the case. If you will look at the prepared capsules, you are taking the green tea in a concentrated form. Unlike drinks that also take time to get into your system, the capsules are designed for maximized absorption rate.[/note]